Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week, Shianne did the little girl cheer clinic at school.  They practice for several hours three times during the week, and then do a cheer and a pom routine at halftime during the game on Friday.  It was a very hectic week, especially since she had cheer on the day of her play and they overlapped a little.  Friday was so cold, and we about froze at the game.  As soon as her performance was over, we went home and made hot chocolate.  Shianne is a little hard to see in the video.  She's all the way at the back in bright blue pants, but she is often behind on of the older girls.

We were getting Shianne all dressed up for the game, and Dylan insisted on having his cheeks painted too.  He is quite the little fan.  We've gone to two games this year and he wants to know what all the numbers on the scoreboard mean, and the things they use to show how far they have to go to get a first down.  He got irritated last time because he saw all the high school boys with their chests painted and I wouldn't let him do it.

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