Monday, August 30, 2010

redneck pool

Friday night our air conditioner broke.  Frank thinks he can fix it, but the part had to be ordered and won't be here until tomorrow.  So, we've been really hot the last several days.  Sunday, I was getting a little worried about our miniature dachsund.  He was panting and breathing heavy most of the time.  I was telling Frank I wished we still had a wading pool.  However, it being Sunday, and the fact that we're going to have to spend so much on the air conditioner, I didn't want to go buy one.  So, Frank was standing in the shed looking around and comes out with a tarp and proceeds to build a "pool" in the bottom section of our playfort.  It's surrounded by 2x4's and we have thought before of turning it into a sandbox.  It created a wading pool about 3 inches deep, which the dogs, along with us have been enjoying.

The kids relaxing in the pool. 
And no, they don't have beers, it's IBC root beer.

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