Monday, August 10, 2009


Our "new" piano finally arrived today. My grandma gave it to us, but the piano movers picked it up from her house in Austin 3 weeks ago, and we only live about 8 hours away. They pick up and drop off others all over the country to keep costs down, but it seemed a little silly since just about anywhere they were going to go from her house, they'd have to come this far north anyway. But, I can't complain. They actually came about 45 minutes early and they were super efficient, they were only here about 30 minutes and completely set it up for us (they even listened to all of Dylan's long, drawn out stories). It totally needs tuning, but even with that, it sounds so much better than the keyboard Shianne and I have been playing on (we're both trying to learn to play). William (the puppy) has decided that under the piano bench is a great place to sleep and Riley (one of the cats) has decided that the top of the bench makes a nice bed.

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