Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today, when we were teaching Dylan's primary class, we were talking about loving everyone. We read a scripture in John that talks about it being a commandment to love everyone. When I got to the word commandment, I asked them if they knew what that meant. They all said no, even though we've talked about it many times, and I reminded them that it was a rule and added that it was kind of like they have rules at school since they all just started school this week. In response to that, Dylan says "Yeh, like you can't bring weapons..." I was just thinking, how much did they really dwell on that rule with kindergartners.

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  1. A friend of the family had a son who was suspended in Kindergarten for bringing a weapon to school. If I remember correctly it was just a butter knife, but he did point it at another child. Yep, even in Kindergarten they need to worry about that one.