Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shianne's poem

Shianne wrote this poem for school about a week ago. She did such a good job, I wanted to share it. She had to complete starter sentences about herself to create the poem.

Shianne Wolfe

Wishes to be able to swim underwater for a long time,
Dreams of becoming a vet someday,
Wants to do ballet on Pointe,
Who wonders how lollipops are made,
Who fears roller coasters and heights,
Who is afraid of creepy-crawlies,
Who likes swimming,
Who believes if you dance you live longer,
Who loves my brother,
Who loves my family,
Who loves chocolate,
Who loves dancing,
Who loves animals,
Who plans to be a good mother,
Who plans to live for a long time,
Who plans to do good next year,
Who will be remembered for my humor.

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