Saturday, September 12, 2009

strange bedfellows

As you might expect, our cats do not really like our dogs, but the puppy is always trying to play with the cats.  However, two of our cats seem to have decided that William (the puppy) may not be as bad as they first thought.  A couple of times over the last two weeks, Natasha (our Siamese) has actually tried to play with William.  Usually by sitting in a chair, safely out of his reach, and playfully swatting at him as he walks by.  William thinks it's fun, but keeps trying to get her to come down on the floor and play.  Arthur (our big black cat), rarely runs from William anymore and has even kissed his nose a couple of times.  Then, the other day, Arthur was napping on a towel in the bathroom.  William came in and laid down really close to Arthur didn't do anything.  In fact, Arthur got up to get a drink about ten minutes later and then laid right back down in the same spot next to William.

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