Friday, April 2, 2010

talking funny

So, not only can I only barely whisper because of the botox, some things I can't say right at all.  Some sounds I can't make at all.  When I try, no sound comes out at all for a little while, which also usually cuts off several more letters of whatever word I'm trying to say.  For instance, n's are really hard.  If I try to say "nerd", it comes out "rd".  Other sounds come out wrong.  This really became a problem yesterday when I was trying to help Dylan read.  Every day, he brings home a short book from school that he has to read.  So, yesterday, I told him he had to read his book before he could go out and play.  The problem was, I was the only one home.  We got to the last page and one of the words was "at".  Now, normally he knows that word fine, but yesterday he just couldn't remember it and couldn't figure out how to sound it out.  However, when I try to say that word right now, it comes out "hat".  It took us a good two minutes to finish that page (which only had one sentence).  He was getting so frustrated because he wanted to go out and play.  I was laughing so hard at my inability to say "at", that it was making it even worse.

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