Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of july

Well, this fourth of July was not quite as much fun as previous years. We always go to Yukon where my parents live because they have such a great fireworks show, plus all sorts of other activities. In the morning, they have a parade of bikes, crafts, moon bounce, etc. We didn't make it to that part this year because of Frank's work schedule and the kids were a little dissapointed. April brought over a big bucket of poppers and let all the kids take turns pulling them. They had a lot of fun with that, though Shianne was really the only one that had enough strength to pull the string. Grace and Dylan did finally figure out a way to pull the strings, but Dylan could still only do it sometimes

After dinner, we usually head over to the park and listen to the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra and then watch the fireworks, which are set to music which makes them that much cooler. But, about 6:15 it started pouring rain and continued until almost 7:00. Dad has a rain gauge and it says we got over an inch and a half of rain. So, the park was out, and instead we walked over to the church behind mom and dad's house and set up camp in the parking lot. The fireworks usually start about ten, but this year they didn't start until 10:15. We had about decided they weren't going to shoot them because of all the rain and several other people that had gone to the church had left already. It wasn't quite the same effect without the music, but it was still a lot of fun. They even shot a few kinds we hadn't ever seen before.

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