Thursday, July 2, 2009

spray park, white water, and some sad news

Yesterday, we went to the spray park with Katie, Brooke and her cousin Hannah. Well, actually we went to three. Right about the time we got to the first one, three daycare vans full of kids came to play and it was very crowded and noisy. So we left to try a different one we had been to before, and it was broken. As you can see, we did finally find one to play at. We brought water balloons and so did Katie. The kids ended up spending most of the time filling and popping the water balloons. Shianne finally learned how to tie a balloon.

Today, we went to White Water again. Dylan was just as brave as last time. Today, I asked him if he wanted to ride the Pirate's Plunge, a slide that is pitch black inside, though not very high or frightening aside from the dark. I didn't tell him it was dark and he agreed to go. When we were most of the way up, he asked if it was dark inside and I said a little bit. He just said ok and still wanted to go. I was worried he was going to panic, but he came out smiling and wanted to go again. The funny thing is, Shianne was at least seven before she would go on any rides.
Okay, the sad news. Today we happened to drive past Shianne's dance studio and she asked me what the sign at Ms. Betty's was. I hadn't seen it, but on our way back home I pulled into the parking lot. The studio is for lease and there is a sign from Ms. Betty saying she has retired. Though she totally deserves it (she is turning 90 this month), we are sad, especially since she didn't really give anyone any warning. Shianne has been going there for seven years now and not only loves Ms. Betty, but has made a lot of friends there.

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