Monday, July 13, 2009

dylan's birthday party

We had Dylan's birthday party Saturday. From my side of the family, Katie, Brooke, April, Dan, Grace, Annie, Lucy, and Rachel came. From Frank's side of the family, Gene, Joan, Craig, Robyn, and Meaghan came. None of the nonfamily friends that we invited were able to come, but Dylan didn't seem to notice.
His cake was a train cake that I decorated to look like Thomas.
Dylan loved all of his presents, though he's generally easy to please.

His water gun from Craig, Robyn, and Meaghan. It shoots colored water. They also got him a Thomas book.

His Clifford games for the computer that Katie, Bill, and Brooke bought him. He already has a different one in the series and loves it, so he's pretty excited about these.
Gene and Joan got him a new slip-n-slide and Rachel gave him some legos, but I wasn't able to get pictures of those. We'll definitely have to get the slip-n-slide out this week, it is soooo hot.
As of right now, his favorite present is the squishy lizards and frogs that April, Dan, Grace, Annie and Lucy got him.
The kids discovered that if you throw them hard enough, they stick to the ceiling.
After presents, we went out back and had a pinata. Dylan had never had one before and had begged for one. It worked out really well. On one of Shianne's turns, she broke open the bottom just enough that if you hit it a few pieces of candy fell out. So all the kids got to have a turn where they hit a few pieces out and got to keep them. Then, on Shianne's next turn, it busted all the way open and they all crowded in to get the candy.

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