Thursday, July 9, 2009

dylan's birthday

Today Dylan turned five. He's not my little boy anymore -- sniff, sniff. Today he got his presents from us, though I had only planned on giving him one today and the other one on Saturday at his party. But I left them in the back of the van and forgot about them. When we got in the van he saw them right away and said "Mommy, are these for me?" So he didn't get to unwrap them. We got him another ramp for his hotwheels tracks and a Mickey Mouse yahtzee game (he's already played with both). We also went to visit Pat, his former babysitter today. We didn't really go because it was his birthday, it just was a good time. I had realized that while I had lots of pictures of him with the other kids, I had none of him with Pat. After dinner, we went to Braums and got ice cream sundaes. Then we let the kids go outside and play with their new bubbles and ride bikes. Dylan had a lot of fun, but he's convinced that his real birthday isn't until Saturday when we have the party.

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