Saturday, June 20, 2009

frontier city

Yesterday we went to Frontier City (the local amusement park). Last year, Dylan was scared of everything. He rode the carousel willingly and put him onto the tin lizzies (the tamest ride in the world) and the rapids kicking and screaming. This year, he rode everything he was allowed to ride. In fact, he was so excited he was running from one ride to the next. He even got mad at me because I wouldn't take him on the tilt-a-whirl.

Dylan and Shianne on the dragon

Dylan on the swings

Dylan and Shianne on the teacups

Dylan on the roller coaster. He looks scared, but he willingly rode again and wanted to go back later.

Shianne on the bumper cars. She had trouble figuring out how to manuver them and really only got going the last 30 seconds of the ride.

This year they have a Bob the Builder show. Dylan loved it and got to meet Bob after the show.

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