Thursday, June 25, 2009

staycation day 4

Today we went to Great Salt Plains state park and went crystal digging. The trip started out pretty funny. I was reading the disclaimer at the bottom of the map I printed from the internet and it says "it's a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the road still exists". We had a good laugh over that. Unfortunately, Dylan got sick about 30 minutes into the trip (we're not sure if he was carsick or if his breakfast made him sick). He puked on his grammy quilt, once on the side of the road, and three or four times at the salt plains. We ended up only staying about 40 minutes because of him being sick and because of the blazing heat. Right before we left, I dumped a bunch of water on him and then we took his shirt off and made him lay down in the backseat. He finally started feeling better about ten minutes after that and felt fine the rest of the way home.

This is the view of the salt plains. In the distance, you can see the trees on the other side of the lake (which you can't see in the picture). It was a pretty weird site since Oklahoma is full of red dirt. In fact, once you dug down past the top layer, it was red dirt there too.

Dylan helped dig for a little bit before the tummy ache came back.

Shianne and I "digging" for crystals. Really, you dig a hole and then you repeatedly pour water over the edges to erode away the dirt and uncover the crystals.

Here are the biggest ones we found. They're about an inch long. They all have dirt encased in them, some more than others.

We had fun, but we'd like to do it again someday when the weather is cooler. We think if we go again, we'll probably rent a cabin so that we can go to the digging site a couple of times in short increments. Plus, we'd like to explore the lake area too.

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