Saturday, June 27, 2009

white water

Well, apparently Dylan's bravery at Frontier City has now carried over to White Water as well. We went yesterday with mom. Up until now, he would only go on the slides in the kid area, in the lazy river, and in the very shallow parts of the two other pools. Yesterday, I took a big float and put him on it and we paddled out to the deep end of the wave pool. He kept yelling at me to go back, but as soon as the waves started, he quit being upset and was really having a good time. The next time the waves came on, he walked in chest deep and was letting the waves knock him over. Then he purposely put his whole face in the water twice. After that we went over to the bermuda trianle and sat at the bottom to wait for Shianne to come down. While we were there, he said he wanted to ride it next time. I suggested to him that his first slide should be the body flumes. He said "Ok, let's do that next". So when Shianne got off the bermuda triangle, we went over there and got tubes. Several times before we have gotten him to go up the stairs for this slide, but he always chickens out before he even makes it all the way to the start. This time, he actually let me put the tube in and got in. However, when I got him to put his feet up and his rear in the hole of the tube, he started getting scared and would have gotten out but I said "Are you ready?" and without waiting for an anwer, pushed him off. He had a blast and even went down again.

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