Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I find the term staycation funny, since we started doing it years before anyone was calling it that. Anyway, today was day 2 of our staycation. This morning, we went to Red Rock Canyon state park and went hiking.

We tried to climb up this way, but it was a little steep and the kids got scared, so we had to find an easier route.

Dylan got going too fast down a hill and fell down. He was covered in dirt. In fact, he had so much dirt on himself that we didn't even notice that he scraped one of his elbows quite a bit until we got home.

Then, tonight we went to Incredible Pizza and let the kids play for awhile.

Don't tell Dylan, but I didn't actually put any money into any of the car/motorcycle games he got on. They have the sample run on the screen and he doesn't know the difference.

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