Tuesday, June 30, 2009

spray park and mini golf

Yesterday we all went to one of the spray parks together. Frank actually took the kids a few weeks ago, but this is the first time this summer I have gone. Frank and I did not intend to get wet. However, Frank got hot and decided to go under the misters. Well, Shianne seized the opportunity and pulled him under the dumping buckets and he got completely drenched. After that, he decided he may as well keep playing. Dylan really enjoyed the water guns and spent most of the time trying to spray people.

Last night, we downloaded a new game to the wii called family mini golf. Just like in real life, each hole has obstacles and as you play more you can unlock new courses. We played it for family home evening and really had a good time. Shianne won by quite a bit. The kids and I played again this morning and Dylan won the first time and Shianne won the second time. I think the rest of us are going to have to practice secretly when she's not around to be able to beat her.

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